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Advanced Guide for: KN7000, KN6500, KN6000, KN2600, KN2400
PR804, PR604, PR54, PR903, PR703 & PR603





In the 2015 musical arena, virtual instruments are at the forefront of audio development, however, nothing quite beats the hands-on immediacy and delight of playing a first-rate hardware instrument.

The sound quality and features of Technics keyboards are still ‘up there’ with the best and stir high emotions for many people.

The longevity and reliability of the wide range of Technics instruments has given us time to explore their features in-depth. Such a wealth of options are available that it takes some experience to become familiar with them. This book helps you to do just that.


The book was originally written for KN7000 in 2003 but the text is extensive and detailed, the Technics keyboard operating system developed through numerous marques, so it applies to many instruments. Alec’s explanations are as precise and relevant today as they were in 2003, an eminent achievement. Includes Phil Leader's original Foreword.


Mike has extended the text in this 2015 version in detail, to cater for a wider range of instruments and to add useful tips that will save you time. All of the additional text is coloured blue, so that you can differentiate between the 2003 and 2015 edits.

We hope you enjoy this new version and it helps you to get the most from your Technics instrument.

Neil Blake & Mike Sealey &

Digital Printing

In 2003, the cost of printing a single high-quality volume was unthinkable. A 1Gb SD card was over £200 and the price of a KN7000 was around £2100. At the time, Technics keyboards were streets ahead of the competition.

Through the intervening decades technology has advanced rapidly and digital publishing is now a reality.

Your book will be printed within hours of receiving your order.

1Gb SD Cards are now available at ‘pocket money’ prices, whereas the KN7000 still sells for around a third of its original retail value. An incredibly low level of depreciation!

Sample Pages



Draft Contents

1.00 Press the Intro Button ..........Page 6
1.01 Music Stylist
1.02 Music Style Arranger
1.03 Panel Memories
1.04 Foot Switches
1.05 Split Point
1.06 Touch Sensitivity
1.07 Equaliser
1.08 Panel Memory Filter
1.09 Custom Panel
1.10 Sound Arranger
1.11 Techni-chord
1.12 Sound Explorer
1.13 Performance Pads
1.14 Data Protection
1.15 Easy Record
1.16 Chord Finder
1.17 Favorites
1.18 Initial and Initial Disk
1.19 Onwards we go...

2.00 New Organs........................Page 14
2.01 Introduction to Tabs
2.02 Basic operation
2.03 Organ types
2.04 Flutes or Tibias?
2.05 Red and Yellow Stops
2.06 Pitches
2.07 Percussive Tone
2.08 Effects
2.09 Accompaniment
2.10 Expanding the Potential
2.11 Organ Stylist
2.12 Bass Pedals

3.00 More New Functions ..........Page 21
3.01 Introduction to Technics format files
3.02 Performance Save
3.03 Backup Save
3.04 Single Custom Save
3.05 Selective Saving
3.06 Selective Loading
3.07 Selective Bank and Single Load
3.08 Using Panel Memory Banks
3.09 Naming

3.10 Copying Floppy Disks to SD card ..........................Page 25
3.11 Disks saved on KN6500
3.12 Custom files
3.13 Size Needed
3.14 IMPORTANT SD Format Information

3.20 SD File Copy ......................Page 28
3.21 Arranging Folders
3.22 Folder Delete

3.30 SD Card Functions ..............Page 29
3.31 SD Load
3.32 Faster SD Load
3.33 Load Option
3.34 Single Load
3.35 SD Sound Load
3.36 SD Save
3.37 Selective Saving
3.38 Selective Sequencer Save
3.39 SD-Sound (Midi File) Save

3.40 Favorite Songs ....................Page 33
3.41 SD Song Medley
3.42 SD Song Medley User Lists

3.50 SD Sound Playlists ..............Page 34
3.51 Copying Midi Files to SD Card
3.52 Playlist Edit
3.53 SD Sound Play
3.54 Functions of SD Sound Play

3.60 SD Audio Play ....................Page 38
3.61 SD Audio Play List

3.70 Making a Slideshow............Page 38
3.71 Creating the Slideshow with built in pictures
3.72 Picture Timing
3.73 Slideshow with your own pictures
3.74 Transfer your Pictures using Song Manager
3.75 Transfer your Pictures from Floppy Disk
3.76 Transfer your Pictures from a Camera
3.77 Picture Format and Trimming
3.78 Transfer your Pictures from a non-SD camera
3.79 Creating a slideshow with your own pictures

3.80 Sequencing with Digital Audio ......................Page 42
3.81 SD Audio Synchro
3.82 Sequencing without Drums
3.83 Fine Tuning
3.84 Saving a Sequencer linked Audio Recording
3.85 Important Point

3.90 SD Tools ............................Page 45
3.91 Technics Files
3.92 SD-Sound - Midi Files
3.93 Custom Style
3.94 Format
3.95 SD Preferences

4.00 Computer Features..............Page 47
4.01 The Advantages of USB

4.10 Song Manager ....................Page 48
4.11 Upload to keyboard
4.12 Maximising space for Midi Files
4.13 Download from keyboard
4.14 A Method of Converting pre-NX to 7000 Format
4.15 Picture Load
4.16 Backup the SD card
4.17 Restore the SD card
4.18 Merge SD cards
4.19 Size of SD card needed

4.20 Introduction to Digital Audio ......................Page 55
4.21 File sizes
4.22 MP3 and other formats

4.30 Audio Recorder ..................Page 56
4.31 Microphone and Line in
4.32 Audio Compact Disks
4.33 Computer Tweaks
4.34 Drivers

4.40 Jukebox ..............................Page 61
4.41 Importing Audio CD tracks to Jukebox
4.42 Importing Audio files to Jukebox
4.43 Re-Order Tracks in Play lists
4.44 Edit Song and Artist names
4.45 Check Out to SD card
4.46 Check In from SD card
4.47 Audio Synchro
4.48 Precautions

5.00 Advanced Computer Functions............................Page 66
5.01 Drag ‘n’ Drop files to SD card
5.02 Drag ‘n’ Drop Archive files
5.03 Drag ‘n’ Drop Single Custom files
5.04 SD-Sound transfer

6.00 Upgrades and Additions ......Page 69
6.01 EW Sound Cards
6.02 SC7000Plus Style Conversion Disk
6.03 Music Data Base Converter
6.04 Techmanager 7000

7.00 Operating System Software Page 73
7.01 Checking the current System
7.02 Downloading the upgrade
7.03 Checking the upgrade disks
7.04 Upgrade the System

8.00 The Demonstration CD ........Page 75
8.01 The Compact Disc
8.02 The Demonstration Tracks
8.03 If You Cannot Transfer Audio to SD
8.04 Transfer to SD Card
8.05 Other ways to play the Demo Backups
8.06 Converting the Wave Files
8.07 Check Out to SD Card
8.08 Editing Play Lists
8.09 Alternate Play Lists and Audio Synchro
8.10 Alternative Technics Transfers
8.11 Copying the files using a Floppy Disk
8.12 Copying the files using Song Manager
8.13 Copying the files using the Card Reader
8.14 Important point!
8.15 Single Customs
8.16 Cleared Custom Styles
8.17 The SD backups
8.18 The Style lists
8.19 Over to you...

... and More!

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  • CUSTOM Styles, ALL CUSTOM Styles, COMPOSERS and SD Card Backups
  • Exclusive MP3 and WAV audio tracks for you to play along with
  • Software for you to make a special playalong audio CD at home
  • Song Sequences to play on your instrument
  • More example files to accompany the content of the book

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